My name is Noemi Gonzalez, and I’m a proud Trojan! I graduated from the University of Southern California twice, first with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Composition and later with a Master in Education. Fight on!!! I am currently attending Cal State San Bernadino for a second Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, which will also give me my Preliminary Administrative credential.

My journey as an English teacher was over twelve amazing years of continuous learning and growth as a professional. In education, the opportunities for innovation are vast, which makes it very easy to love what I do. I taught all the possible English courses you can take in high school, which included AP Lit and Lang. As a result, I applied and became a reader for the College Board, which I highly recommend. I was an all-around better teacher because of that shared experience with many other amazing teachers.

As an administrator now, everything is a priority, so I am trying to find a healthy work and life balance. I focus on my love for reading that emerged from watching my father peruse the newspaper while I lay curled up in his arm, which is one of my fondest childhood memories that I will forever treasure. Even now, both my father and I continue our love for books albeit in different genres; he is for theology, and mine is for historical fiction and memoirs.

I also dedicate some time to the outdoors, as running and hiking are my passions. Both have positively altered how I live my life.

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