Customize Google Slides

I don’t know about you teachers out there, but I got tired of changing up the theme on my slides. I decided to pick a color pallet and stick to it. If you need help choosing one, I found several options at Adobe Color. I also decided to stick with two types of font styles. A serif font for titles and a sans serif font for subtitles and normal text. The last step was to change my master slide, and I love it! I am now sharing it with you, so you can create your very own. Happy Tinkering!

What you will need:

  • Create a folder w/ the name Master Slide
  • familiarity w/ Google Slides
  • Optional: Favorite color pallet (for background and font)
  • Optional: Favorite Font styles

Step 1 Open Your Folder

Open a new Google Slides Select View. Then, select Master.

Step 2 Modify your Master Slide

Select the title and add your new font style, size, and color. I use a serif font, 36, and customized navy color (see Hex code on the last optional step). Then, Highlight all the levels from First to Ninth and ONLY change the font style and color. I use a sans serif and customized navy color.

Step 3 Change the Title and Subtitle

Select the second slide and click on the Title to change the font style, size and color. I use a serif font, 58, and customized navy. Then, select the subtitle below and do the same. I use a sans serif, 28, and customized color from my pallet in pinkish.

Select the X on the top right hand corner to close the Master view. Save your slide as Master Slide.

Step 4 Open A New Google Slides

Select Import Theme on the bottom right hand side. It will open your drive. Then, select your Master Slide. You have to do this every time you create a new Google Slides.

Optional Splash of Your Favorite Color Pallet

From your Master Slide, you can change the background to a color from your pallet. Select Background. Then, select Custom. Then, in the Hex box type in the six digit code of your color. Finally, click Ok.

Congratulations!!!! You now have a customized Google Slides at your fingertips!

Published by Noemi Gonzalez

I'm an experienced high school English teacher sharing best practices to inform, to inspire and to reflect on my own craft. Love implementing new ideas and efficient systems that make teaching manageable. Teachers need a surmountable amount of support to help them survive, and every year comes with its own challenges. When I am not teaching or creating, I love hiking, running, anything outdoorsy! I am also a mother of two boys, one in college the other in his last year of middle school. Hope you can utilize what I create and share on this platform.

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