Group Chat to Connect w/ Students

Hello everyone! I keep reading about a vast number of teachers feeling overwhelmed having to implement distance learning with such a limited amount of time to fully prepare. Although I do prefer to be in the classroom, I think we can make distance learning work for us and our students. In my previous posts, I’ve blogged about teachers needing the right tools for their students, but I forgot how we are still students in many ways. In education, we never stop learning or at least we shouldn’t.

Last summer, I was fortunate enough to experience teaching an online freshman English course. As a result, I was able to add to my teacher tool box. Now, I get to share an idea that I think will help everyone feel “connected” with their students.

I created five group chats via Google Hangouts. One for each of my classes using my school gmail account. While my students work on their computers or phones, they will see a green dot next to my profile picture, which indicates that I am online and available to help them. I plan to greet each class with a “good morning, I am here to help” as a friendly reminder that we are still “connected” despite distance learning and despite all the uncertainty surrounding us all.

Be well everyone. This too shall pass. Happy Tinkering!

Published by Noemi Gonzalez

I'm an experienced high school English teacher sharing best practices to inform, to inspire and to reflect on my own craft. Love implementing new ideas and efficient systems that make teaching manageable. Teachers need a surmountable amount of support to help them survive, and every year comes with its own challenges. When I am not teaching or creating, I love hiking, running, anything outdoorsy! I am also a mother of two boys, one in college the other in his last year of middle school. Hope you can utilize what I create and share on this platform.

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