Essential Tech Tools for Teachers

These tech tools have made my teacher life so much easier!!! A huge thank you to my love, Jeremy, who has not only made me fall in love with him but also with the idea of tinkering. Isn’t he a mono? Spanish for cute!!! But I do digress, I’ll give a quick explanation about why I love these tech tools and use them every day.

We were some youngsters!!!!

Ever listened to a video and the presenter’s voice is distant or he or she is being muffled by background noise like a fan? That’s because they don’t use headphones or a microphone! Headphones and microphones are essential in reducing background noise and as a result your voice will sound crisp and clear in a video. It will also reduce audio feedback during your virtual conferences, so you don’t have to hear that screeching echo.

How many tabs do you usually have open? I usually have about 10-20 open. If you are anything like me, a computer monitor will become your best friend. It allows me to split my tabs from my laptop unto my monitor, which helps in many ways, but I will share just one. This simple strategy allows me to get grading done fast. For example, I keep my grade book tab on my laptop while I move my Google Classroom tabs unto my monitor. As I finish scoring assignments, I input the grade and move on to a different assignment or class. It’s magical!!!

If you buy a computer monitor, you will need to three tools. You need to first connect the USB port to your laptop. Then, connect the VGA adapter to the port. Finally connect the VGA cable to the adapter. This will allow you to project your laptop screen onto the monitor. You have to change your display settings to the “extend” option. Then, just simply drag any tabs off your laptop monitor and on to the projected image on your monitor.

Last but not least, the wireless mouse. This tool is to minimize clutter on your desk as you can see lots of wires here and there unless you have a gamer son like mine who loves to get things like wires organized.

Where I get inspiration! Share your work area 🙂

Buying Soon!

Happy Tinkering!!!

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I'm an experienced high school English teacher sharing best practices to inform, to inspire and to reflect on my own craft. Love implementing new ideas and efficient systems that make teaching manageable. Teachers need a surmountable amount of support to help them survive, and every year comes with its own challenges. When I am not teaching or creating, I love hiking, running, anything outdoorsy! I am also a mother of two boys, one in college the other in his last year of middle school. Hope you can utilize what I create and share on this platform.

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