Create Lessons w/ Hyperlinks

I couldn’t go to sleep, deep sigh. Then, a teacher had a question about how to create hyperlinks, so here you go. Remember hyperlinks work on Google docs, Google Slides, almost anywhere where you see the icon. Happy Tinkering!!!

Hyperlinks on Text

  1. Highlight the text
  2. Click on the hyperlink icon
  3. Copy and Paste the link from the website
  4. Click apply

Note: It will underline and highlight the text blue, so you’ll know if it worked.

Hyperlinks on Images

  1. Click on the Image
  2. Click on the hyperlink icon
  3. Copy and Paste the link from the website.
  4. Click apply

Note: Your image will not change. You only know it works because if you click on the picture it opens up the link.

Published by Noemi Gonzalez

I'm an experienced high school English teacher sharing best practices to inform, to inspire and to reflect on my own craft. Love implementing new ideas and efficient systems that make teaching manageable. Teachers need a surmountable amount of support to help them survive, and every year comes with its own challenges. When I am not teaching or creating, I love hiking, running, anything outdoorsy! I am also a mother of two boys, one in college the other in his last year of middle school. Hope you can utilize what I create and share on this platform.

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