AP Lang Test Prep 2020

As we venture into weeks of test prep in this unique situation, I just want to say that you are doing an AMAZING job juggling the demands of both work and personal life. Our current environment requires us to adapt, and we shall. We are resolute. We are resilient. We are teachers. I will collaborate with anyone who wishes to be part of this blog to share best practices when teaching the rhetorical analysis essay. You will get credit for your creativity. Let’s do this!!!

Essential Handouts

Since our students will not be able to annotate directly on the passage, I created a handout for notes to assist them with a close reading of the prompt and passage.

  • Prompt and Passage Notes handout
  • Rhetorical Appeals and Devices handout
  • Sentence Starters handout credit to our AP Summer Program teachers Amy Chapman and Sarah Orgil
  • Strong Verbs and Transitions handout
  • Unicorn good luck charm from Amazon link

 Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I am also sharing other AWESOME ideas by other AP Lang teachers.

Scoring Rubrics

YouTube Review

  • College Board AP Lang YouTube links
  • Clare Boothe Luce Student Example essay

AP Writing Prompts

Here are the links to the rhetorical analysis, argument, and synthesis prompts. It just makes it easier to have everything in one place.

Teacher Generated RA Prompts

Published by Noemi Gonzalez

I'm an experienced high school English teacher sharing best practices to inform, to inspire and to reflect on my own craft. Love implementing new ideas and efficient systems that make teaching manageable. Teachers need a surmountable amount of support to help them survive, and every year comes with its own challenges. When I am not teaching or creating, I love hiking, running, anything outdoorsy! I am also a mother of two boys, one in college the other in his last year of middle school. Hope you can utilize what I create and share on this platform.

4 thoughts on “AP Lang Test Prep 2020

    1. You’re welcome! That’s a lot on your plate. I am almost done with my Canvas modules just finishing up the last couple of weeks. You can check it out via Commons just search my name. I will blog about it soon! Have a great new school year!


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