Civil Disobedience in America

“Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground.” Frederick Douglasss Note: I am no longer in the classroom; however, I want to share this lesson with all of you. I am now supporting English teachers with their instruction 🙂 Every year, both myContinue reading “Civil Disobedience in America”

25 One-Pagers to Encourage Writing

This year, I want to encourage more writing in my classroom that gives students the opportunity to use both their left and right brain. First up, One-Pagers. Similar to longer pieces of writing, One-Pagers provide immediate data regarding the proficiency of standards, or lack thereof. Additionally, One-Pagers also encourage students to be meticulous and conciseContinue reading “25 One-Pagers to Encourage Writing”

5 Easy Steps to Create Your Website With Google Sites

Because we are a G Suite school, I am using Sites to communicate with parents. It is practical and user friendly for teachers. Here is everything I used for my website including a link to the ever so famous buttons. Happy Tinkering!!! Step 1: Choose a Theme. I chose Aristotle with a beige color andContinue reading “5 Easy Steps to Create Your Website With Google Sites”