Grading w/ Doctopus & Goobric

As promised, here is what I am using right now to grade assignments such as paragraphs and essays. I introduce you to Doctopus and Goobric. Doctopus allows you to “ingest” assignment information directly from Google Classroom. This is an add-on feature on Google Sheets. While Goobric, attaches a digital rubric using chrome extension. Thus, youContinue reading “Grading w/ Doctopus & Goobric”

Grading with Autocrat

Immediate feedback is essential and gratifying. I will use this primarily for presentations and socratic seminars. It’s fast and easy! Students will receive their scores immediately after their presentation or discussion. To distribute assignments with a graded rubric, I I use Doctopus and Goobrics, which I will blog about in a couple of days. WhatContinue reading “Grading with Autocrat”